On Sharing Joy/Pleasure

I’m sharing this experience from some certain activist spaces that seem to be resistant to the kind of feminism we are seeking to share. Look for another post shortly on art spaces…let me warn you, though, it’s painfully similar:

The workshop is going well and I’m enjoying myself.

<Cue childish/playful/joyous/erotic/frivolous/superficial/whatever laughter>

“Excuse me,” she politely interjects (as someone ALWAYS does), “but can you explain why or how this is political?”

The bubbling voices and laughter in the room slowly, yet suddenly, hush themselves. It’s as if everyone was reminded that they should be taking themselves and all of this, this ACTIVISM, more seriously.

And, yeah, I do find a lot of things about activism to be fucking SERIOUS. It’s not a casual hobby to be a feminist. It is an ongoing self and collective educational process to unlearn the patterns of oppression within ourselves. It’s heavy.

But what kind of masochistic expectation is built into this white-supremacist neoliberal capitalist heteropatriarchy that not only is my life supposed to suck if I can’t conform to mainstream standards of success and beauty, but my life is supposed to suck during my entire struggle for liberation too???

No. Laughter does not make light of the struggle. It’s a part of it. I will not disregard the political in the knowledge of one’s capacity for joy.

I want to dismantle this notion many of us have of ‘the perfect activist’ – the one who has all the answers and can seriously engage without reprieve. I need to dismantle this ideal before it consumes me. I need space to cultivate pleasure and joy and care. And that’s why I ask for time to be playful together, to be erotic together, and to be frivolous together. These are strategic moments. And they are woven into a politics that seeks to be sustainable, holistic, and exceptionally forgiving.

Sometimes (lots of times) I do become jaded and feel overwhelmingly defeated. Let’s all just be obedient to the expectations of the oppressor and channel our pain and anger into self-destruction…destroying our movements from the inside…OR WAIT, let’s be fucking serious AND playful AND irrational AND witchy AND caring AND full of rage. We can hold those contradictions. Those are the assemblages of our ongoing collective and individual resistance.


Lesbian Cruising – Call for Entries

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Lesbian Cruising: Invito a contribuire8

xKLITTERSx  Stiamo preparando e curando una mostra e collezione di saperi sul sesso pubblico di lesbiche e trans*. Siamo alla ricerca di arte, narrazioni e fantasie assurde ispirate al cruising lesbico. Questo il link al blog sul quale contribuire o seguire gli sviluppi dell’autoinchiesta fantascientifica: https://klitters.wordpress.com/

La Lesbografia del Sesso Pubblico, che accompagnerà ogni mostra, sarà il risultato finale di questa raccolta: la pubblicazione artistica e raccolta delle nostre assurde investigazioni sul sesso ludico, sul desiderio e sul nostro femminismo.

Vogliamo contaminare con i materiali raccolti squats, strade buie e gallerie il prossimo autunno 2016.

Per ogni domanda, invio di materiali o proposta indecente scrivete a xKLITTERSx@gmail.com

Parole chiave: Precarietà sessuale / intimità collettive /seduzione / troieggiare sobriamente / tantra pubblico / consenso non verbale / fluidi corporei / rituali / zoccoleggiando / tocco internazionale / lesbonisiaco / incontri erotici / geografie del cruising / orge spontanee e feste di complean no / fotti sui tacchi / lubrificazione / contatto visivo / lingerie /  okcupid / limiti / corpi / tett@ / che bottone attacchi / striptease sperimentale / giochi di ruolo masturbazione / il potere dell’erotico / fisting / acqua.

Come partecipare

Idoneità: internazionale

Termine per l’invio: 15 Agosto 2015

Costi: Zero

Contatto: xKLITTERSx@gmail.com


Lesbian Cruising: Call for Entries


xKLITTERSx is curating an exhibition and knowledge collection on public sex amongst lesbians and trans*. We are looking for art, narratives, and absurd imaginations inspired by lesbian cruising. We would like to share how this exhibition/curation develops on our website: https://klitters.wordpress.com/

The Lesbography of Public Sex is set out as an artistic publication with absurd investigations into playfulness, desire and feminism, to accompany the exhibition and will contain a compilation of the work.

We plan to cruise the exhibition through squats, back alleys, and galleries in autumn 2016.

Please send questions, submissions, or invitations to fuck to xKLITTERSx@gmail.com

Key words: sex precarity / collective intimacies /seduction / sober sluting / public tantra / nonverbal consent / bodily fluids / rituals / slutiness / intentional touch / dykeodisiacs / erotic encounters / cruising geographies / spontaneous orgies and b-day parties / fuck me pumps / lubrication / eye contact / lingerie /  okcupid / boundaries / bodies / boobs / pick up lines / experimental striptease / role play / masturbation / the power of the erotic / fisting / water.

Rules for Submission

Eligibility: International

Deadline for Submissions: August 15th, 2015

Submission Fee: None

Contact: xKLITTERSx@gmail.com

Costi: Zero

Contatto: xKLITTERSx@gmail.com

The Politics of Collective Intimacy


The world becomes intelligible for us through patterns, composed of existing objects and orientations. However, as a queer feminist I am not interested in justifying the existence of these patterns, but in questioning them, in which way can they serve me to create different, more, and better objects  of desire.

These objects (people, emtions, the state, nature, food, possetions, etc.)  make the world not only intelligible for us but also construct a space that again provides potentialities for certain actions.

There is public space and private space, political and personal space, but where is the dividing line? When is something political and when not, when is an action private and when does it take public character?  What happens to space if it is not claimed? Is my body a space? Is it private? Personal? Public? Political?

These questions cannot be answered with a clear yes or no, because there is…

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Guided Masturbation Ritual

Klitters are willing to invite you to a collective experience of pleasure. As a part of our philosophy on intimacy  the ritual is aimed at reclaiming our bodies in pleasure.

Immagine 117b
We created a tool to feel comfortable sharing an intimate experience with other women with no shame, preoccupation, or pressure. Starting from a set of excercises on breathing, body movement and sounds, we train to join our individual desires with a circle of erotic energies. The aim is the exploration of pleasure, in all its forms, whithout being “orgasm-centric”, meaning that we aim at pleasure, of which orgasm can be part but does not define its success or failure. The excitement and importance for us lies in keeping the tension between the individual and collective level of pleasure. …

We create a space for a “lesbian continuum” (A. Rich), the experience of women with women independently of their…

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}}Squeerting{{ Discussion on Sunday at **16.00

squeerting For those of you who squirt, for those who feel like giving it a go but don't know where to start from, for those who would like to question its political importance, for those to whom it happened one day but stopped it, for those who doubt it happens at all... RQAC invites you to this evening of collective debate around the topic in which we will queer ideas around squirting and share our knowledges, doubts, fears and pleasures when exploring our sexualities. This is a workshop open only to people who have a vagina. We remind you and ourselves, that Klit is a queer feminist space where we intend to pursue safe space politics and strategies for self and collective care. The workshop will start by defining participant's boundaries and approaches to discussing sexuality, please come on time, once we start it won't be open for new participants. Thank…

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KLITTERS in Bologna @ Atlantide and XM24!

klitters_bolognaKLITTERS are excited to announce their upcoming event in Bologna, Italy. Over the course of two evenings, we present our latest and most intimate – what we call ‘Revolt Rituals’ – a guided masturbation ritual and the screening True=Crypt, a post-porn film ritual. Not only is it empowering just to share pleasure with our comrades in these important community spaces threatend by eviction, but also to keep exploring the tension between the individual and collective level of pleasure.

We’ll recap the event sometime next week. In the meantime, catch up on our past experiences with guided masturbation and the politics of collective intimacy.

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